ENISA draws the Cyber Threat Landscape 2014

ENISA’s Threat Landscape 2014 (ETL 2014) published recently is the third yearly report in sequence, consolidating and analysing the top cyber threats and the evolution, encountered in 2014. ENISA Threat Landscape 2014, an activity contributing towards achieving the objectives formulated in the Cyber Security Strategy for the EU, stresses the importance of threat analysis and the identification of emerging trends in cyber security.

Novelties of the 2014 ETL include:

  • information on attack vectors, giving initial information on the “how” of a cyber- attack
  • the elaboration of use-cases of threat intelligence, showing how threat analysis  can be used in phases of security management, and
  • the involvement of stakeholders, consisting of 13 experts from CERTs, vendors, Member States and users.

ENISA maps the Threat Landscape for Internet Infrastructure

The European Union Agency for Network and Information Security (ENISA) has published a new report under the title Threat Landscape and Good Practice Guide for Internet Infrastructure. It maps the assets composing an Internet infrastructure and the applicable threats, giving an overview of emerging trends, and providing adapted security measures. The report is targeted primarily at Internet infrastructure owners, as well as Internet organizations, security experts, developers of security guides, and policy makers.

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